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'The Only Love' :icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 2 0
Along the road where freedom comes, I take a breath;
I hope to find someplace to rest, my feet are worn.
I have come far, endured as much, too much to last;
I let it out, tasting the sun, my soul reborn.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 4 2
The Lady of Lansing
The Lady of Lansing possessed great beauty,
but her bold spirit was even more lovely,
trading dresses for armor and weaponry.
Across the land, she braved both tempest and storm,
wielding longsword and shield with amazing form,
guarding her people, refusing to conform.
The years passed and she grew in both strength and skill,
knowledge unparalleled to that of her will,
finally ready, her duty, to fulfill.
She returned home from her gallant adventure
and then took her place as the ruling figure,
she a great leader, wise, informed, and mature.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 3 0
From Obscurity
    Some may call me mad, but they shall never see what I can see.
    For so many years, I existed as the invisible man, one of the many that were ignored and taken for granted.  The weight of society rested on the shoulders of people like myself—the ones that diligently did their work and gave to the group—and the longer my eyes were opened up to that sadistic fact, the more dissatisfied I became with the uneventful life I was living.
    This was not living.
    One was not meant to slave away in the machine day in and day out, giving decades of their life to the system, a system that fattened itself while it considered people like me expendable, a renewable resource…
    It all changed the day I realized I wasn’t quite as normal as I thought I had been.
    The lights always went out when I’d walk the streets of Indianapolis, bli
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 0 0
The Salt Lingers
I don’t know how this came to be,
you had always been there for me.
I recall your desperate plea
as we ran through sand, from the sea,
monstrous wave consuming the sky…
you gone in the blink of an eye.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 4 0
It may be better to measure the age of a tree
by counting the rings it adds through the years.
The only problem is that one must take its life
in order to open it up, by cutting it down.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 3 0
His Masterpiece
This world will never understand
the beauty I create with my hand,
a bit of my soul resides in my art,
but you, beautiful, are the best part—
a soft and sweet, fresh-molded clay,
my masterpiece to proudly display.
With black dahlias caressing your hair
and along your skin, they’re all you shall wear;
revel in the feeling as I prop you in place,
this devil unveiling your angelic face
tenderly with such splendor and precision
while I carve every careful incision.
Now hush, darling, please be still,
don’t you know this is my thrill?
Just imagine what we can achieve—
Shhh; be silent…don’t breathe…
Soon you will see your true beauty
brought out by the artist in me.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 5 0
The Comeback
I hear it seemingly in the distance,
the soft melody that filters through
subconscious realms within my mind.
I try to place the tune resounding inside,
familiar and warm, it’s something I know,
yet cannot place a name to the notes
resonating my heartstrings in my chest
as my foot keeps time, soft and slow.
I hear its message, feel it through
before I take this first step forward
from the shadows of a frigid winter—
cold and harsh, absolutely chilling—
and into sunlit days of spring.
It’s frightening to come outside,
clutching to my doorway in safety,
but the melody inside urges me on,
and with a tender step forward,
I break free from fear and into the sun.
The feeling is strange,
but something I once knew,
I so long accustomed to ice and snow.
The first step is always the hardest,
so from here, it can only get easier
and step by step, I shall get through.
That is all I can ask of myself
and that is good enough for me.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 3 0
The Dreamcrafter
Journey into the dreams I make, each one is crafted carefully,
spun from stardust of long gone stars, woven together ornately
with every wave of my hand, with each step I take gracefully,
universes born from my dance, the subjective forms concretely.
Imagination guides my hand, my feet move with smooth reaction
to the tune of my heart’s desires, creating worlds with precision;
both time and space bend to my will, building my dreams to perfection
and bring thoughts into existence, I the master of illusion.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 3 0
Snow flurries descend, drifting all around,
swirling wind starts to bellow,
ravaging the terrain.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 4 0
'Is This a Fight You Really Wanna Start?' :icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 3 0 Cashmere :icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 5 6 Eyes Open :icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 4 4
Without You
Twist my heart in your clenched hand,
break my sinews just for fun
while that sinister smile
traces over your beautiful lips.
I’ve never felt this way before—
hate and love crashing and vying,
colliding with the other in such fury
to break my pride and nearly my sanity.
But despite these tortuous feelings,
you are nothing, void of integrity,
incapable of returning fiery warmth,
your blood frozen from your stone heart.
Crush my heart, it shall beat anew,
but I cannot say the same for you,
for I am more than you will ever be
and black hearts can never be thawed.
This poison shall in time leave my veins
and I’ll awaken my eyes, my mind,
my resolve to mend my beating heart.
I’ll show you I can—I will—go on.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 3 3
Breaking Barriers
The lines are drawn around you tightly,
confining self, defined by others,
inside is safe, within is known.
Please step outside into the light;
it doesn’t have to be frightening
to face beyond, embrace the unknown.
Reach beyond where others shy back,
take the offered leap of faith,
and move far beyond what they dream of.
You always stay within your limits,
but, my darling, reach for more, for me;
you are capable of far more than you know.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 4 0
'Prepare to be Boarded' :icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 1 0

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Hi all!  :iconserenitywing: tagged me in a post featuring this writing meme created by :iconthenn: (you can find it here) and I wanted to "answer back" so to speak.  Enjoy!  Hi!

Hello dear writer, and thanks for trying out my simple little writing meme.  You're truly part of a minority here on DeviantArt, since writing is a very small thing indeed.  To do this meme, simply copy and paste the below things, and fill them out as much as you wish; if you need more space, simply add it.

1. Introduce yourself of course.  Tell us a few interests; perhaps why you're here on Deviantart, or why you choose to write instead of draw (or both).
Hi everyone, you can call me by my DA name OneWithTheStars or Kristina.  I really have lost just about all free time due to my job, but when I am free, I usually am writing, drawing, or creating something.  I originally joined DA to follow other artists and eventually decided to post some of my own works when I felt enough confidence.  I've loved to draw since a very young age and writing immediately followed; my brother and I could write and draw for hours on end, but sadly, only I continue it to this day (I have some of his childhood stuff stashed away honestly).  I can't separate the two.  Occasionally you will see me dabble in other media as well (i.e. painting, photography).

2. Hmmm, that is interesting.  Now that the formalities are out of the way, what do you write? (Poetry, stories, etc.)
Well, you wouldn't be able to tell based on my gallery, but I used to primarily write long stories.  We're talking over 100 pages.  Right now, you'll see a plethora of poetry in my gallery, the majority of the past years thanks to a bunch of form challenges from groups here on DA.  Occasionally I'll crank out a free verse poem and you'll also see some flash fictions and scenes, also thanks to some prompt challenges from groups on DA.

3. I see, I see.  Well, so what do you like to write about?  Go on, don't be shy about it.  Nobody's judging you.
My poetry's based off emotions I can channel into them, whether I personally feel them or get "inspired".  I challenged myself to write a lot of love poetry at first because I wanted to learn to channel positive emotions as well as the negative ones.  I also thought for the longest time I was a terrible poet, so I had concentrated on my prose.  For prose, I tend to gravitate toward speculative fiction, frequently types of science fiction and sometimes action or fantasy.  Before my story writing seemingly died, I had started branching my genres out to improve my abilities.  I've tried this at times with the flash fiction prompts I've undertaken.  It's a constant work in progress.

4. I wasn't quite expecting that from you, and think that I thought I knew you.  Ok then, how did you really get into writing?
Hmm...honestly?  The first stories I remember writing were as a little girl, my brother and I both writing Sonic the Hedgehog fanfictions, coming up with such interesting plotlines for children of our ages.  That was about the same time drawing picked up for the both of us, both of Sonic fanart as well as our own original characters.  I happily still have many of them saved.

5. Oh, I can probably relate that.  You talked about why, what, and how, so, when did you really start writing?
Really start writing?  The first serious and long story--two actually--were back in my mid teens.  One was based on a sequence of vivid dreams I had had and the other was a Mortal Kombat fanfiction.  I still have both around, they presently torn apart awaiting another round of rewriting (a terrible flaw of mine, tens of stories sitting in limbo).  They also became an outlet for me and from there, the number of stories grew.  No one's ever read the majority of them up until this point.

6. That long ago, really?  Alright, one last little question, who got you into writing?  Did you get inspired by an author, or maybe someone just got the idea into your head to write?
I kinda touched on this a couple times for both the prose and poetry, but they were emotional outlets.  Those angsty teenage years, then those angsty college years, now these angsty years of responsible adulthood and I had vowed to not go into destructive habits like drinking alcohol or doing drugs like so many around me were; I wanted to create something wonderful for someone to hopefully enjoy one day, even if it was just myself, from my emotions, even the negative, pain-filled ones.  Many times for me, those emotions can bring forth my best writing and to me, that truly is an art to spin hurt into something constructive and beautiful.

7. Ok, ok.  I suppose that's enough of 20 Questions.  So why don't you go ahead and show us a paragraph or a few lines of a poem (but it's gotta be original for this, don't think I won't be watching!)  Hmm...putting me on the spot here...okay:

Every time I hear my name
caressed by your sweet voice,
my knees go weak,
I can barely speak,
and my heart begins to race.

There, a terribly cheesy start to a love poem, but off the cuff in 10 seconds.  I am a dummy!   It's true; the more you practice something, the better/faster you get.  And shoot, now I wanna elaborate on it.  Maybe in the future...

8. Ah, quite touching.  I suppose that's all I can really say for this one dear writer within this art site.  If you know any other writers, feel free to forc....erm..."politely ask" any other writes you know here, to give their hand at filling this thing out.
I never tag people to keep these things going, but as always, if you read this and wish to, feel free to comment/link me back so I can read what you wrote.  ^.^

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I've enjoyed artistic creativity since I was a little girl. Traditional drawing and writing prose and poetry seem to be my primary forms, however, I'm dabbling with digital drawing/painting at the moment and still seek to branch out into other medias such as photography and traditional painting if/when time permits.

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I have been approached, so I wanted to make it official on my page:

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Unfortunately, my job really inhibits my abilities to participate in the majority of these, however, I am expanding my collection of buttons and crafting a FAQ in preparation to open at least some of these when I have some time. Anything I list as "I don't do" is up for change in the future; they're not static.


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